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JORESTECH safety bannerJORESTECH safety banner

Common uses for these glasses include but are not limited to:

Industrial safety Dental industry Carpentry Arts and crafts Laboratory Painting Sports Nerf parties Boating Landscaping Construction Education Manufacturing Fishing, among others. From the garage, to the shooting range, to the lumber yard, JORESTECH Safety Glasses have you covered!


JORESTECH Safety Glasses are made out of ultra-resilient scratch resistant polycarbonate material, offering impact protection against flying particles and chemical splatter. Unlike glass and plastic, polycarbonate lenses are lighter in weight, less likely to fog, and do not shatter upon impact.


The benefits of safety eyewear go beyond impact and penetration protection. JORESTECH Safety Glasses provide UV protection, keeping your eyes safe from both UVA and UVB radiation. This feature serves as a significant tool in the prevention of eye illness and disease caused by long-term exposure to harmful rays. Different lens tints are available including clear, yellow, and smoke among others, ensuring that there is a pair of JORESTECH Safety Glasses for every need.


Great news! Poor fashion and discomfort are no longer excuses for not wearing eye protection. JORESTECH Safety Glasses feature a rimless, discrete and minimal design with a sporty and lightweight construction that is ideal for all day wear. They come in a wide variety of color combinations, ensuring a personalized and trendy look that you’ll be proud to wear. JORESTECH Safety Glasses ergonomically wrap around the wearer’s face, offering extended protection from the sides and a snug, comfortable fit. Their texturized temples minimize slippage, keeping your glasses in place while you’re on the move, consistently providing eye protection that you’ll forget you are wearing.

JORESTECH Safety First

JORESTECH Safety First

JORESTECH ensures safety because it understands safety. We set our standards based on the leading national safety practices, offering the highest quality of protection.

With a tradition spanning three generations serving industry and commerce, JORESTECH continues to grow and adapt to the needs of today’s world. Achieving trust through action, JORESTECH delivers superior service and reliable products for end-of-production line and safety applications.

JORESTECH creates a culture of safety by putting your protection above all else! Our mission is to identify safety risks and raise awareness amongst our community, offering high quality protection with ultimate style and comfort. With JORESTECH you can be confident that you are receiving the best protection, so you can have less worries and more joyful moments!

ANSI Z87+ Certified
UV (UVA and UVB radiation) protection
High transparency polycarbonate high impact lenses with scratch-resistant coating and hi-flex frame for reduced used fatigue and improved hold.